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Book - Super Coaching by Graham Alexander, Ben Renshaw (Paperback, 2005)


Book - Super Coaching by Graham Alexander, Ben Renshaw (Paperback, 2005)

The Missing Ingredient for High Performance

The groundbreaking book that tells you everything you need to know about coaching in business.

Do you want to create the right environment for high performance?

Do you want the self-awareness, relationships and skills to create every-day success?

Do you want to achieve positive outcomes from every interaction?

Super Coaching brings together over thirty years of coaching expertise from two of the world's best known coaches. Drawing upon the latest findings from the largest ever global study of high performance, it is the definitive guide to the philosophy, methodology and application of coaching. Whether you approach this practical and easy-to-use book as a leader, a manager or a coach you will discover:

Why coaching is essential in modern business

How to coach as a leader and manager

How to maximise performance, development and fulfilment

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