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The Faber Pocket Guide To Mozart - Nicholas Kenyon


The Faber Pocket Guide To Mozart - Nicholas Kenyon


Why is Mozart the best known and most popular of all the great Western classical composers? At the 250th anniversary of his birth, his reputation stands higher than ever before. This lively new Pocket Guide assesses what Mozart means to us today, and explores why his music is so universally loved.

Accessible and easy to use, key features include:

  • Mozart: The music work by work
  • Mozart: The life year by year
  • 4-Star Mozart:
  • Verse about Mozart
  • Mozart's Singers and Patrons
  • Performing Mozart Today

This guide provides all you need to listen to and enjoy Mozart's music, and will also introduce a new generation of concert-goers and record-listeners to his life and key works, from opera to symphony, concerto to song. In a crisp, sharp style, with recommendations of good recordings, Nicholas Kenyon shows how Mozart's music has communicated with unique power across many generations.

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