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EARTH - A New Perspective - Nicolas Cheetham - Quercus


EARTH - A New Perspective - Nicolas Cheetham - Quercus

This book travels the world in four chapters: Earth, Water, Air and Fire. Earth flies us over mountains, forests, deserts and tundra. Water follows rivers and coastlines, explores ice fields and seas before plunging into the abyss of the deep ocean. Air examines storms, hurricanes, wind-sculpted patterns and atmospheric phenomena such as the aurora borealis. Finally, Fire ends the book with volcanoes, asteroid impacts, forest fires, pollutiong and man's impact on the environment.

Description: A Beautiful photographic voyage with explanatory text. Large hardback book with dust jacket.

Condition: New but dust jacket slightly shelf crumpled and imprints of scribbles noticeable when shown to light - otherwise perfect.

RRP £25.00

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