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THE MOUSEHOLE CAT - Antonia Barber - Nicola Bayley


THE MOUSEHOLE CAT - Antonia Barber - Nicola Bayley

Walker Book

The dramatic and moving Cornish tale of Mowzer, the cat, and Tom, the old fisherman, who brave the fury of the Great Storm Cat to try and save their village.

"Beautifully, carefully written... A glorious tale. Nicola Bayley has here brought off the triumph of a lifetime, with rich, flowing, gorgeously coloured full-page illustrations, friezes and borders. A book to wallow in, read and re-read, for any age from five or so to very grown-up." - The Sunday Times

"Outstanding... deserving a permanent place in any collection of folk tales... perfect illustrations." - Kaye Webb, The Sunday Telegraph

"Exciting, magical... one of the top picture books of this year". - Books for Your Children

Winner of the British Book Award (Illustrated Children's Book of the Year)

RRP £5.99

Condition: Used but without felt tip marking on initial inside cover page, perfect.

Description: Paperback book

Dimensions: 9 inch square (23 cm square)

DCB Book Code:  CS-M102 B21  

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