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AVALON - Anya Seton author of Katherine - Paperback


AVALON - Anya Seton author of Katherine - Paperback

Coronet Books/Hodder and Stoughton

Eleventh Impression 1978

"Perhaps the greatest gifts Anya Seton brings to her historical novels are the zest of her narrative, the life she breathes into the most insignificant characters, and the atmosphere of the era she evokes around them." Books and Bookmen.

Wessex in the last quarter of the tenth century a time of conflict between Church and State, a time of threat from Viking invasions. Amidst all the violence and intrigue, came a knight called Rumon, a descendant of Charlemagne, a searcher, a wanderer, whose love for the beautiful Merewyn led him across the seas, and into the teeth of danger.

"A triumph... fast-moving, exciting, and all-action. "Avalon" has terrific pace, crisp dialogue and makes even the minor characters into vivid convincing folk... a splendid full-length portrait." The Evening News.

Condition: Shelf worn and read.

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