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COTTAGE GARDENS Geoff Hamilton?s


COTTAGE GARDENS Geoff Hamilton’s

Accompanies the major television series. Hardback with dust jacket. VGC – Biro message to recipient June 1995.

The first cottage gardens were cultivated by people with little time, space or money – limitations many of us still have today. Geoff Hamilton’s Cottage Gardens, which accompanies a six-part television series, shows how to create a cottage garden using the best traditional methods from the past and Geoff Hamilton’s own wealth of experience.

Create your own cottage garden, even if you have a modern house, with the help of Geoff Hamilton, Britain’s most popular gardener. A complete guide to planning, building and planting, Geoff Hamilton’s Cottage Gardens contains everything you need to make the garden of your dreams.

ISBN 9 780563369851

256 pages – jacket photographs by Stephen Hamilton – NEW UNREAD CONDITION

11” x 8” x 1”


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