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Growing, Freezing & Cooking Keith Mossman Mary Norwak


Growing, Freezing & Cooking Keith Mossman Mary Norwak

Hardback with repaired dj.

Dimensions: 9” x 5 ½” x 1”

Published by Book Club Associates 1977 - 190 pages - hardback with dj. DJ torn and repaired but otherwise the book is in tight sound condition.

Nothing tastes more tender and fresh than food which has been produced and prepared at home, and the finest way of preserving what cannot be used at once is, as countless housewives have discovered in recent years, to freeze it directly after harvesting. Freezing garden-fresh food until required solves th two major problems affecting shop produce: deteriorating quality and the seasonal and general price increases which the prevailing rate of world inflation suggests is here to stay. There is an added advantage, too, in the constant availability of top-quality produce items which, for the shops, are 'out of season'.

Growing, Freezing and Cooking is a complete reference book for all those who want the best results from their garden produce….

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