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NATURES WILD HARVEST Eric Soothill & Michael J. Thomas


NATURE'S WILD HARVEST Eric Soothill & Michael J. Thomas

Hardback with dj. Shelf tired

NATURE’S WILD HARVEST Eric Soothill & Michael J. Thomas

In the 1980s, tinned and processed foods are becoming more and more prominent in our everyday diet, and the wealth of free natural food available from our countryside is almost ignored. Many people pick blackberries in the late summer, but the store of edible foods there for the taking goes far beyond this one species, and includes not just berries but also flowers, leaves, shellfish, seaweed and fungi. This wild harvest is available for gathering from spring right through to the end of autumn.

In Nature's Wild Harvest the authors explain in detail how to recognise, gather, prepare and cook most of the common foods found in the wild….

Description: Hard book with dj - Blandford Press UK - 160 pages including index.

Condition: excellent condition.

Dimensions: 9 1/2" x 6 1/4" x 1"

ISBN 0713711884

DCB Book code DP687 12

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