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1) The Royal Horticultural Society ANNUALS & BIENNIALS RHS Practicals 80 pages inclusive of index. One of the new generation of concise, illustrated gardening guides. Practical information on the cultivation of annuals and biennials including - planning and maintaining borders - cottage garden and formal bedding designs - container ideas - designing colour and scent - sowing seed indoors and outdoors - and much more. THE BEST PRACTICAL GARDENING ADVICE FOR EVERY GARDENER.

2) FLOWERS FROM THE COTTAGE GARDEN Abridged from A Cottage Flora. Illustrations by Peter Morter Text by David MacFadyen. First Edition 1985

3) The Pocket Guide to the Wildflowers by Samuel Gottscho 225 Illustrations. How to Identify and Enjoy Them. 103 full colour photographs plus 122 black and white drawings. Pocket book - printed in USA.

4) Know Your GARDEN FRIENDS & Your Garden Foes. Pocket book published by Readers Digest.

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