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THE 200 MILE RACE W. Boddy


THE 200 MILE RACE W. Boddy


Royal Blue cloth covered hardback book.

OF THE JUNIOR CAR CLUB 1921-1938 by W. Boddy

Foreword by H. J. Morgan Secretary of the Junior Car Club

Grenville Publishing Company LTD.

15-17 City Road, London E.C.1

Dedicated to those persons, whether organisers, officials, entrants, drivers, passengers, mechanics, reporters, spectators, or armchair followers, who derived enjoyment from long-distance motor races in England between the wars.


Printed in Great Britain by Tee & Whiten and J. Mead, Ltd., 21 City Road, London, E. C. 1

155 pages of text and photographs plus maps of circuits and tabulated results.

Condition: Lovely copy. Good for age. Bumped and knocked externally but otherwise super.

Dimensions: 7 1/2" x 5" x 1/2"

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