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James Herriots Dog Stories


James Herriot’s Dog Stories

Hardback with dj.

Gifted message June 15th 1987 and address sticky back label.

'I could hardly believe my good fortune at being able to call a halt in the day and step from the car into a tranquil world. Within seconds, I was out in the beauty of Yorkshire, wandering along in the sunshine and the clean air with my two companions trotting ahead of me. Lucky dogs, I often thought, and lucky, lucky me….'

In addition to his long introduction, James Herriot has written a note to accompany each story which will expand on some pertinent point with it - perhaps saying what happened later to the dog and its owner, or explaining some medical point, or describing something similar which happened recently. This, therefore, is a James Herriot book with a difference; a book to please his millions of fans all over the world.

James Herriot recounts delightful stories about all sorts of dogs - big ones, small ones, shaggy mongrels and sleek aristocrats.

427 pages - book condition reasonable used.

With illustrations by Victor Ambrus

Book Club Associates London

Dimensions: 9" x 5" x 1" approx

DCB Book code DP687 48


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