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A Beginners’ Guide

ISBN 0749910682



Shiatsu is an ancient healing art that involves applying pressure to the body's energy channels or meridians with either fingers, thumbs, hands, elbows or knees in order to balance the body's energy and promote good health. It is a safe, holistic method of staying healthy and full of vitality in an increasingly stressful world.

Shiatsu is easy to learn and no special equipment is required. In The Shiatsu Workbook, Nigel Dawes gives you all the background knowledge you require and show you clearly and simply how to give your partner a full body treatment.

Shiatsu has been shown over the years to have many benefits:

• It can be used as a preventive treatment for many common ailments, including menstrual problems.

• It reduces stress and benefits the nervous system

• It strengthens the mind, spirit and libido.

• It aids the digestive system.

• It is effective in controlling pain.

• It improves posture and helps people with back problems.

• It boosts stamina and body awareness.

The Shiatsu Workbook will introduce you to the power of touch and show you how you can promote healing, health and wellbeing.

Nigel Dawes runs The London College of Shiatsu. He is a member of the Shiatsu Society and studied shiatsu in Japan, China, Thailand and Korea.

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