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Over 100 nutritious meals for children

Vegetarian Society Approved

Hardback – 144 pages inc. index.

Dimensions: 9 3/4" x 9 1/4" x 3/4"

Including a variety of recipes for children to enjoy, this book should be suitable for families with children who are totally vegetarian or who are trying to cut down on red meat. It includes an introduction to feeding a vegetarian baby, toddler and young child.

• Essential information that will help lay the foundations for a healthy vegetarian diet throughout a child's life

• How to choose the right foods from the different food groups

• Information on when and how to introduce first foods, including advice on trying out new tastes and textures

• How to control food allergies, asthma, eczema and food intolerances with a vegetarian diet

• Recipes for every occasion from quick snacks to party food

• Advice on how to adapt recipes to suit babies

• How to spot foods that may contain hidden meat derivatives

• Includes menu planners for children aged 1 - 5 years.

ISBN 0600602117


Printed and bound in China

Introduction 6; Tips for new vegetarians; Laying the foundations for a healthy diet; Choosing the right foods from the different food groups; Foods to watch out for (surprising foods that contain meat derivatives); A 3 day menu planner for; a 5 month baby (weaning already underway); a child 9-12 months (child just learning to feed itself); a child of 2; a child just starting school with a packed lunch. Tips on how to make everyday breakfast healthier; The importance of snacking, why young children need to top up their nutritional needs between meals; Nutritional know how: helpful section to describe which nutrients we need and the foods that provide them; Introducing A Baby to A Vegetarian Diet; When to begin weaning, signs to look for, advice from your health visitor What foods to begin with. Getting the texture right. Basic hygiene. Introducing new flavours. Batch cooking - tips for freezing in ice cube trays then small containers as your baby's appetite increases. Importance of milk - moving on from breast milk and the other options Food allergies and family history, asthma, eczema, gluten intolerance, lactose intolerance etc. First Foods - From 4 Months Recipes include purees made with just one fruit or vegetable. Broadening the Menu - 5-6 Months The slight change in texture and introduction of simple flavour blends. 6-9 Months How the texture of the food is changing and reminders on what new foods may now be introduced. 9-12 Months Texture, new foods, finger foods and helping your baby to begin feeding himself. Toddlers The changing needs of a toddler and how to cope with food fads. Recipes; Quick Teas 32; To include: tofu/halloumi skewers with mixed veggies, oodles of noodles and plantain pancakes. Home and Hungry 44; Mini meals that can be prepared earlier in the day so that they are ready to cook or reheat in a matter of minutes when a child comes in from nursery school or a trip out. To include: lentil thatch, Glamorgan sausages and cowboy beans. Store cupboard Quickies 56; Raid the fridge, kitchen cupboard and freezer and surprise your children. To include: spotty rice with omelette spirals, chick pea burgers and lentil bolognese. Lunchbox Specials 78; Even if you can't be with your toddler when they first go off the nursery school or a child minder, it's heartening to know that you've packed up a healthy lunch. To include: mini pasta salad, building bricks and take away tortilla. Let's Get Fruity 98; Fresh fruity puds. To include: mini banana sponge puddings with raspberry sauce, apple strudel tarts and fruit smoothies. Also Includes puddings that can be made in 5 minutes. Cakes and Bakes to Make Together 106; To include: pizza spirals, muffins - carrot and orange, chocolate and banana, blackcurrant and banana cherry drizzle cake; Food for All the Family 128; One basic meal with something taken out for the baby, a meal for a toddler and how to jazz up the rest for Mum and Dad. To include: lentil dahl, roasted winter vegetables and potato and celeriac gratin; Index 144

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