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Rugbys FUNNIEST JOKES Jim Chumley


Rugby’s FUNNIEST JOKES Jim Chumley

Why is a successful rugby team like a lingerie shop?

It has a wide variety of cups and plenty of support.

Tight unread copy. Small hardback.


Some might say there's nothing funny about cauliflower ears and scrums, but this little book begs to differ. Packed with rib-tickling jokes, Rugby's Funniest Jokes is perfect for any fan of the sport with the odd-shaped ball.

ISBN 9781840247466

Dimensions: 6" x 4 1/4" x 1/2"


Featuring jokes and humorous full-colour illustrations, this title is suitable for fans of the Rugby sport.

Key Features

Author(s) Jim Chumley

Publisher Summersdale Publishers

Date of Publication 06/04/2009

Language(s) English

Format Hardback

ISBN-10 1840247460

ISBN-13 9781840247466

Genre Humour: Collections & General

Series Title Funniest

Publication Data

Place of Publication Chichester

Country of Publication United Kingdom

Imprint Summersdale Publishers

Out-of-print date 10/05/2013

Content Note 20 colour illustrations


Weight 180 g

Width 108 mm

Height 155 mm

Spine 13 mm

Pagination 96


Author Biography Jim Chumley is the author of the Funniest Jokes series.

DCB Book code SM619 9



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