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Photographic history with description of the interim war years. 255 pages. Printed by Clarke & Sherwell LTD., London and Northampton. Condition good for age. Shelf and knocked in places but complete. Beautiful maroon red cloth covers with gilt lettering and Art Deco design.


• Publisher: Daily Express Publications; 1st edition (1938)


• Product Dimensions: 28.6 x 21.8 x 2 cm

A History in photographs of life and events, big and little, in Britain and the world during the two world wars.

At the time this was published, most of the history books ended in 1919 and something was needed for what had happened in those twenty years since then. During that time there were threats of war, two new Kings and five Prime Ministers. Television was appearing and the aeroplane was growing-up. The pictures in this book give serious and not-so-serious history and form an album of events. Published by Daily Express in 1938.

Hardback book with some damage to spine cover and scratch on back cover, otherwise good condition. 255pages, all photographic. 22 x 29 cms.


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