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A Critical Pronouncing Dictionary and Expositor of the English Language; in which not only the meaning of every word is clearly explained, and the sound of every syllable distinctly shown, but where words are subject to different pronunciations, the authorities of our best pronouncing dictionaries are fully exhibited, and the preferable pronunciation is pointed out.

To which are prefixed, Principles of English Pronunciation; in which the sounds of letters, syllables, and words, are critically investigate and systematically arranged; the influence of the Greek and Latin accent and quantity on the accent and quantity of the English, is thoroughly examined, and clearly defined; and the analogies of the language are so fully shown as to lay the foundation of a consistent and rational pronunciation.

Likewise, rules to be observed by the natives of Scotland, Ireland, and London, for avoiding their respective peculiarities; and directions to foreigners, for acquiring a knowledge of the use of this dictionary.

The whole interspersed with observations etymological, critical and grammatical.

By John Walker, author of elements of elocution, rhyming dictionary, &c, &c.

A new edition carefully revised, corrected and enlarged.

Thomas Nelson, Edinburgh; and VIII, Paternoster Row. LONDON MDCCCXLVI 1846

Walker, John, 1732-1807.

Condition: as seen in photographs. The cloth cover is in a tatty torn state. The pages equally are in a poor way. The binding is loose and the overall appearance is tired.

Dimensions: 9” x 5 ½” x 2”

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