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W.S.M.U. SERIES PROBLEMS Arthur Mercer 1937


W.S.M.U. SERIES PROBLEMS Arthur Mercer 1937

PROBLEMS Arthur Mercer 1937

“Problems” (No. 12) consists of questions of profound importance, often asked, and perhaps more often felt, but not expressed. The answers given are in the very words of Scripture, showing how that wonderful revelation gives the key to human need. – Major-Gen. Sir George Scott-Moncrieff, K.C.B., K.C.M.G., C.I.E. Late Director of Fortifications and Works at the War Office.

W.S.M.U. Series – No 12. For officers and others.. A nice fresh clean copy for a booklet intended for circulation to soldiers fighting in WWII.

Condition: excellent for age. Final two pages are ink smudged from printing

Major-Gen. Sir George K. Scott-Moncrieff - Small pocket sized mottled brown backed booklet. 41 pages. Third impression November 1937 20,000

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