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TALES FROM SHAKESPEARE by Charles and Mary Lamb


TALES FROM SHAKESPEARE by Charles and Mary Lamb

Herbert Strang’s Library – gifted message date Xmas 1921. Humphrey Milford Oxford University Press London

TALES FROM SHAKESPEARE by Charles and Mary Lamb

The books in this Library are carefully edited for school and home reading. Reprinted 1920 in Great Britain by R. Clay and sons ltd.,

In the year 1805 William Godwin, a writer of importance in his day, set up as a bookseller in London, and started what he called a “Juvenile Library,” to which he himself contributed, under the name “Edward Baldwin,” little grammars and histories and other books rather useful than entertaining. It occurred, or was suggested, to him that the plots of Shakespeare’s plays would form, not merely a pleasant story-book for the Library, but an excellent introduction to the works of the dramatist himself, and he asked Charles Lam, who had a deep knowledge and love of Shakespeare, to turn the plays into stories for this purpose….

Tricolour blue decorated cloth hardback book – tired copy, dog-eared with bumped corners and edges

18.5 x 13 x 2 cm

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