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FOLKLORE The Folklore Society Routledge Volume 123 Number 2 August 2012


FOLKLORE The Folklore Society Routledge Volume 123 Number 1 April 2012

The society has published scholarly studies of folklore continuously since 1878, both in periodical and book form. Our prestigious journal Folklore is published on our behalf by Taylor & Francis (four issues per year). Folklore began with volume 1 in 1889 and continued our earlier journals Folk-Lore Record and Folk-Lore Journal.

Folklore is the Journal of the Folklore Society. Green covered softback paper books. Routledge Taylor & Francis Group. All include - Photographs, Diagrams and Drawings. EDITOR: Professor Patricia Lysaght, University College.



A Mother-in-law not even of Clay is good:

Animals Crossing

A Survey of Birds

The Cult of the Seely Wights in Scotland

"I Have Just Met with a Copy with the following Title..."

Three Notes on West Yorkshire Fairies


Dimensions: 24.5 x 19 cm Condition: previously owned and read. Good copies.


5] Volume 123 Number 2 August 2012 Contents: Research Articles – Topics, Notes and Comments, Book Reviews. 247 pages. ISSN: 0015-587X

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