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THE CLEW Sylvia Ward with Avril Newey 2003


THE CLEW Sylvia Ward with Avril Newey 2003

First Edition – Mind Body and Soul – Publishers ABEON LTD. Paperback 240 pages plus additional pull out figure reference chart. CONDITION NEW – The Clew – Clew, clue, kloo, n. a thread that guides through a labyrinth: anything that points to the solution of a mystery Chambers 20th Century Dictionary (1972). ISBN 0-9546094-0-9 Barcode 9 780954609405

The book that tells the true story of the extraordinary journey made by Avril Newey and the soul-group she was led to meet, in order that, together, they could re-member their shared past lives, heal common karmic wounds and fulfill the task that they had contracted to undertake four thousand years earlier.

Part One - The Story

The extraordinary story that traces one woman's search through many lifetimes for the right people to be in the right place at the right time - with consequences for all our futures!

Part Two - The Rationale

An understanding of the journey through studying the ancient knowledge in Astrology, Sabian Symbols and the Tree of Life reveals that these are not just esoteric wisdoms - they are real; we live them. How can we use this knowledge?

‘This book, written in the early 1990’s, gives the background to how one woman began to receive extraordinary prophetic writings giving detailed and specific (now proven) warnings of the present environmental and human disasters that are occurring around our globe. The contents of this book challenges the very basis of much present-day scientific reasoning with regard to the causes of climate change and the world’s increasing instability.’


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