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E GOLDEN WARRIOR by Hope Muntz 1948


THE GOLDEN WARRIOR by Hope Muntz 1948

This remarkable book, as Professor G. M. Trevelyan writes in his Foreword, ‘is not an ordinary historical novel.’ It is the fruit of a rare and equal partnership between learning and imagination. The story opens just after the coronation of Edward the Confessor, and takes us up to the Norman Invasion. Who was to succeed King Edward? From the welter of political cross-currents, rivalries, violence and intrigue set up by this question, the two dominating figures of the novel emerge – Earl Harold and Duke William of Normandy. The issue was decided at the Battle of Hastings. With her stirring account of the battle and of the invasion threat which preceded it, Miss Muntz brings her book to a magnificently thrill climax. She writes in a saga style worthy of this epic subject, with all its drama, pageantry and heroism. So compelling is her story-telling power that the ‘old, unhappy, far-off things’ of which she writes seem to have happened only yesterday….

FIRST EDITION 1948 - 4oo pages – printed in Great Britain – 21 x 14 x 3 cm

With a Foreword by G. M. TREVELYAN O.M. – Chatto Windus LONDON – Recommended by THE BOOK SOCIETY – Blue cloth covered hardback book with dj. Condition; shabby and torn dj , bumped corners otherwise good sound reading copy.

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