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Cavendish LIFE OF WOLSEY Folio Press 1973


Cavendish LIFE OF WOLSEY Folio Press 1973

THOMAS WOLSEY late Cardinal his Life and Death written by George Cavendish his gentleman-usher – Edited with an Introduction by Roger Lockyer – FOLIO PRESS: J. M. DENT London 1973.

ISBN 0 460 04143 6

Printed in Great Britain

Casting an immense shadow on the backcloth of Tudor England, Thomas Wolsey rose to be Cardinal Legate, Archbishop of York and Lord Chancellor. He was the man who stage-managed that last effervescence of mediaeval splendour, the Field of the Cloth of Gold; but his attitude to the nobles, his use of the notorious Star Chamber, and his failure to win a divorce for Henry VIII led to his downfall. This life, written by one of the gentlemen in his household, has been justly placed among the finest biographies in the language. From it, Henry VIII and Katherine of Aragon emerge vividly beside the last great prince of the Church in England, whom Cavendish revered and loved, but envied not at all.

Blue hardback book with plastic cover retaining the internal dj sleeves. Gilt spine title lettering and decoration on front cover. Condition of book reasonable reading copy with owner name and dated 1974.

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