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4th Leaders THE TIMES Books 1952 - 1955


4th Leaders THE TIMES Books 1952 - 1955


Printed in Great Britain

The Times Publishing Company Limited.

This is the fourth successive year in which the public has been given the opportunity of renewing its acquaintance with some of the Fourth Leaders printed in The Times during the past twelve months; and there must – or anyhow there may – be readers upon whose bookshelves the toe-hold established by the 1949 volume has now been expanded into a minor bridgehead. …

Condition: all djs are tired and have saved the beige coloured cloth covered hardback books from further damage. Knocked corners showing signs of shelf life and previous seller’s price in pencil inside cover with code.

A selection of leader articles from the Times newspaper Light brown cloth covered boards with black title label with gilt lettering to front cover and spine.


4 Available to purchase either as set or individually. All have djs. In differing states of condition. Dimensions 21.5 x 15 x 2 cm*

1) 1952: dj design: Osbert Lancaster – 52. 175 pages.

2) 1953: dj design: Osbert Lancaster – 53. 168 pages.

3) 1954: dj design: Osbert Lancaster – 54. DJ torn and now repaired to retain before further damage. 173 pages. Slight internal foxing.

4) 1955: dj design: Osbert Lancaster – 55. 174 pages.


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