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RSPB Guide to BRITISH BIRDS David Saunders 1979


RSPB Guide to BRITISH BIRDS David Saunders 1979

Condition: price clipped, previous sellers price label, pencil gifted message dated 1980. Dj tear on spine top reinforce repair. Otherwise good complete.

In Britain we are fortunate in having a rich variety of bird life. Most people can tell a Blackbird from a House Sparrow, but there are many other species that we probably encounter every day but do not recognize. This pocket guide is designed to enable you to identify those birds you are most likely to see in this country – take it with you in the car, on your next walk, or merely keep it by the window – and you will soon find it invaluable in putting names to birds…

HAMLYN – hardback book with dj – Illustrated by Noel Cusa – Line drawings and flight plates by Peter Hayman. – 128 pages – Dimensions: 18 x 12.5 cm slim book.*

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