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STOLEN PONIES Christine Pullein-Thompson 1957


STOLEN PONIES Christine Pullein-Thompson 1957

Hardback book with dj.First Edition: Collins, London. With drawings by Sheila Rose. Printed in Great Britain -192 pages. Condition: Previous gifted message hand written in pencil inside cover. Dj shelf tired and torn now strengthened to extend life. Reasonable tight copy good reading copy.

The best things happen by accident; and it was pure accident that the Richardsons – Anthony (sixteen), Joanna (fourteen) and Carol (ten) – had their country cottage close to the farm where the O’Connors – chiefly Molly and Paddy – set up their caravan for their summer holidays. Close by were the moors, beautiful and frightening by turns. And on the moors, so the locals said, someone was doing what he shouldn’t – killing ponies ….

Dimensions: 19 x 13.5 x 2 cm

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