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NO RESPONSIBILITY Joan Butler-Joyce 1940



NO RESPONSIBILITY Joan Butler-Joyce 1940

JOAN BUTLER-JOYCE (dates unknown) Author of two school stories praised by Sims and Clare, Hot Water (1935) and No Responsibility (1940), which subvert the clichès of school stories; she also published one additional children's book, She Went to London (1938) and what appears to be an adult novel, Catherine-Wheel (1939).

• Hardcover

• Publisher: Harrap (1940)


Condition: Shelf knocked and bumped – gifted message – tired around the edges but commensurate with age and complete.

Dimensions: 20 x 14 x 3 cm

First Edition – gifted message dated Xmas 1941 – Illustrated by Gordon Robinson – Publishers GEORGE G. HARRAP & CO. LTD. – Made in Great Britain – 255 pages – Blue Cloth Hardback Book with dark blue picture decoration and title lettering on front cover and spine.

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