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LITTLE MEG’S CHILDREN Hesba Stretton c. 1930


LITTLE MEG’S CHILDREN Hesba Stretton Pre. 1934

Printed by SPOTTISWOODE AND CO., New-Street Square LONDON.

Frontispiece picture signed W. G. Stacey. With illustrations by Edward Whymper.

The Religious Tract Society LONDON

In the East End of London, more than a mile from St. Paul’s Cathedral, and lying near to the docks, there is a tangled knot of narrow streets and lanes, crossing and running into one another, with blind alleys and courts leading out of them, and low arched passages, and dark gullies, and …

Beautiful art nouveau decorated green cloth hardback book – still vibrant even with age. No dj. 158 pages.

Pre. 1934 Circa 1930 - Condition: as seen in photographs foxing inside covers with gifted messages in pencil and fountain pen ink also pencil price. The sewn and glued pages are loose in places through age.

Dimensions: 18.5 x 12.5 x 2 cm

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