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MOUNTBATTEN Eighty Years In Pictures 1979



MOUNTBATTEN Eighty Years In Pictures 1979

Earl Mountbatten of Burma has played a leading role in many of the great events of this century. As last Viceroy of India, Supreme Commander South East Asia and as a member of the Royal Family Lord Mountbatten has a unique view of our times. From his vast collection of photographs, Lord Mountbatten has made a personal selection which provides a pictorial record of an extraordinary career…

There is, as Lord Mountbatten writes, great pleasure to be had from leafing through a family album. Turn these pages and you will be taken on a journey through the twentieth century that no other can rival.

BOOK CLUB ASSOCIATES - Hardback book with dj – Printed and Bound by Jarrold and Sons Limited, Norwich. 224 pages – Condition – very good gifted name and date Feb. 1980 inside cover.

Jacket Illustrations Front and Back Earl Mountbatten of Burma photographed by Bern Schwartz.

Printed in England


Dimensions: 25.5 x 19 x 2 cm

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