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THE NINTH EARL Jeffery Farnol 1950


THE NINTH EARL Jeffery Farnol 1950

When a storm blew away part of the crumbling masonry of the old tower at Ravenhurst Castle it revealed a skeleton, hidden for many years, which was without doubt that of the seventh Earl. Few people believed that the rightful heir whose existence until then had been unknown would be found so quickly – or that he would prove to be the person that he did. But they counted without the presence of the ubiquitous Jasper Shrig, the Bow Street runner, in their sleepy Sussex village at Ravenhurst…


This latest Farnol romance maintains the highest standards of it predecessors, and will delight his many readers who eagerly await publication of “the next” Jeffery Farnol.

Red cloth covered hardback book black title lettering on the front and spine. Gifted messages 1950 and 1951. SAMPSON LOW publishers. First published 1950. First Edition no dj. Made and Printed in Great Britain. 298 pages. Dimensions: 19 x 13 x 3 cm


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