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ICE COLD IN ALEX Christopher Landon Reprint 1957


ICE COLD IN ALEX Christopher Landon Reprint 1957

They served it ice-cold in Alex – pale amber Rheingold beer in tall dewy glasses in that little bar off Mohamet Ali Square…

The thought of ice-cold lager haunted Captain George Anson during the last days before the fall of Tobruk and it was to become an obsession when he tried to break out of the German encirclement with a sergeant-major and two nurses. Driving an ambulance, deeper and deeper south into the desert , in an attempt to sweep around the enemy and so to Alexandria, Anson, Tom Pugh, Diana the nurse and Zimmerman, the South African they picked up and mistrusted, created an epic mile by mile and obstacle by obstacle, as they overcame them…

In this story of an extraordinary desert flight from the Afrika Corps, Christopher Landon has packed a tenseness and originality which add up to something surpassing even his first magnificent war novel, A Flag in the City.

Condition: commensurate with age and shelf life. Reinforced dj to prevent further damage. A couple of newspaper cutting included relating to the film which was inspired by the book. Ownership name and date May 1963 inside cover in ink. Otherwise reasonable copy especially for reading.

WILLIAM HEINEMANN LTD Melbourne – London – Toronto – Printed in Great Britain. First Published 1957 Reprinted 1957 (twice) - Hardback book with dj wrapper design by Francis Russell Flint, A.R.W.S. Third Impression – 241 pages.

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