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THE GREAT ARTISTS Their Lives, Works and Inspiration 1 1-384 1985


THE GREAT ARTISTS Their Lives, Works and Inspiration 1 1-384 1985

A Marshall Cavendish Weekly Collection – Volume Folder Binder 1 holds complete collection from 1-12 and in loose a copy of Introducing the Great Artists.- From Part 1; Constable to Part 12; Delacroix. Lovely collection to own informative, biographical and fine examples of the artwork produced.

The lives and works of the world’s most famous painters – from Leonardo da Vinci to Pablo Picasso. Each individual part of this magnificent collection is complete in itself and devoted to a single artist. Four regular articles reveal the artists’ lives and personalities, explain how they worked, evoke the subjects that inspired them, and describe the times they lived through. The sumptuous centre section, Gallery, presents their masterworks.

The complete collection of 96 issues covers four great ages of art.

Each week, on the back cover of The Great Artists, art critics explain how connoisseurs look at paintings. Taking a work by that week’s artist, they look at crucial elements such as colour, lighting, angle of view and composition….

Book: Complete hardback folder – blue with gilt title lettering on front and spine.

Language: English

Dust Jacket: No

Condition: Very good with only a couple of additional handwritten notes which do not obscure or deface the content.

Publisher: Marshall Cavendish

Publication Date: 1985


First Published:

Illustrations: Multiple colour, black and white

Pages: 384

Dimensions: 31 x 25 x 3.5 cm

Weight: 2.2 kg


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