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ENGLAND UNDER THE STUARTS George Macaulay Trevelyan, O.M. 1965


ENGLAND UNDER THE STUARTS George Macaulay Trevelyan, O.M. 1965

England has contributed many things, good and bad, to the history of the world. But of all her achievements there is one the most insular in origin and yet the most universal in effect. While Germany boasts her Reformation and France her Revolution, England can point to her dealings with the House of Stuart. Our Tudor Reformation, although it effected greater changes in the structure of English Society and the evolution of the English intellect, was but one part…

21.5 Catalogue No. (Methuen) 02/3375/33

Book: Plum red hardback book

Language: English

Dust Jacket: No

Condition: Pencil written annotated notes around main text produced by previous owner on some pages – owners name inside cover – book sellers label inside back cover - otherwise good copy


Publication Date: Reprinted 1965

Printed: Great Britain

First Published: 1904

Illustrations: No

Pages: 546

Dimensions: 21 x 13 x 3 cm

Weight: 600g

ISBN: Not Applicable

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