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Rainbow Activities BIRDWATCHING Steve Madge and Catherine Dell 1983


Rainbow Activities BIRDWATCHING Steve Madge and Catherine Dell

This Edition Produced Exclusively for W H Smith. Adviser: Michael Chinery Editor: Frances Ferneyhough Cover Design: John Strange. An Interest for Everyone – Look out of the window. Almost certainly you will see some birds – pigeons crossing a city street, starlings digging up the lawn, sparrows pecking greedily on a crust of bread, swallows perched on an overhead cable…

Lovely book covers all you need to start a tremendously satisfying hobby and interest in ornithology.

Book: Picture covered hardback book

Language: English

Dust Jacket: No

Condition: Very Good

Publisher: Grisewood & Dempsey Ltd

Publication Date: 1983

First Published: 1983

Printed: and Bound in Italy

Illustrations: Photographs Colour and Black & White, drawings and designs

Pages: 117

Dimensions: 27.5 x 21 x 1.5 cm

Weight: 700g

ISBN: 0-906279-22-4

SKU JT315 351


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