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THE GARDEN EXPERT Dr. D. G. Hessayon 1986


THE GARDEN EXPERT Dr. D. G. Hessayon 1986

Your garden may cover many acres, with a stately home at its centre. Or it may be no larger than one of the small rooms in that grand house. In either case it is your garden – to change, care for and use as a refuge from a world filled with stress…

Included in the book are related cuttings and ephemera.

Book: Soft back paperback

Language: English

Dust Jacket: No

Condition: Previously owned – gifted message date 1987.

Publisher: pbi Publications

Publication Date: 1986 1st Impression 400,000

First Published: 1986

Printed: England

Illustrations: Yes Drawings, Diagrams, Graphs, Photographs, Tables

Pages: 128


Weight: 410g

ISBN: 0-903505-22-3

SKU JT315 360


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