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EVERYDAY BIRDS Tony Soper 1976


EVERYDAY BIRDS Tony Soper 1976

The way these birds live, the intricacies of doorstep life, have global implications. Watching them, with understanding, is infinitely rewarding.

Illustrated by Robert Gillmor – Tony Soper takes a close look at some of the birds that cross our paths every day – such as robins, blue tits, sparrows and pigeons. He reveals their background stories, and how we can encourage them to share their endlessly interesting lives with us.

Book: Hardback

Language: English

Dust Jacket: Yes

Condition: Very good for age. Inside cover gifted message dated 25.10.77.

Publisher: Book Club Associates

Publication Date: 1976

First Published: 1976

Printed: Great Britain

Illustrations: Yes

Pages: 126

Dimensions: 8 ¾” x 6” x ½”

Weight: 400g

ISBN: 13: 9780715372777

ISBN 10: 0715372777

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