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WILD FLOWERS by MacGregor Skene D.Sc. 1934


WILD FLOWERS by MacGregor Skene D.Sc. 1934

That curious characteristic of the human mind which will scarcely let us rest content in the beauty of an object, but forces us to seek out the something concrete with which the beauty is associated, cannot be better exemplified than by the universal desire to put a label on the object of our admiration, be it picture, or mountain, or tree….

With a pressed four leaf clover within the covers! MacGregor Skene, D.Sc. Lecturer on Vegetable Physiology, Aberdeen University.

Book: Red cloth covered hardback book with black title lettering on front cover and spine

Language: English

Dust Jacket: No

Condition: Very good for the age – Few marks of age and bumped, knocked corners and edges from shelf life. Pencil ownership name and address inside cover.


Publication Date: REVISED EDITION 1934

First Published: 1934

Printed: Great Britain

Illustrations: Black and White

Pages: 124

Dimensions: 6 ¾” x 4 ½” x ¾”

Weight: 200g


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