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SHELL Great Britons Collection Album Shell 1972


SHELL Great Britons Collection Album Shell 1972

Great Britons and their times:

1. Alfred 2 Geoffrey Chaucer 3. Henry VIII 4. Elizabeth I 5. Sir Francis Drake 6. William Shakespeare 7. Oliver Cromwell 8. Sir Christopher Wren 9. Sir Isaac Newton 10. John Churchill 1st Duke of Marlborough 11. Captain James Cook 12. Horatio Nelson 13. 1st Duke of Wellington 14. George Stephenson 15. Isambard Kingdom Brunel 16. Queen Victoria 17. Florence Nightingale 18. Sir Edward Elgar 19. Robert Falcon Scott 20. Sir Winston Churchill.

Printed by Dobson & Crowther Useful historical reference. Slimline folded book. Dimensions: 32 x 19 cm Full colour, 48 pages. Appears complete with all cards collected and glued. Shell gave away a random unnumbered card from a series of 20 ‘Great Britons’, each time a motorist visited one of their petrol stations. Each print came in a sealed purple and white envelope.

Condition: scuffed shelf rubbed outside edges.

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