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HISTORY OF ENGLAND G. M. Trevelyan 1981


HISTORY OF ENGLAND G. M. Trevelyan 1981

The illustrated edition with an introduction by Asa Briggs. Illustrations selected by Penelope Brown and others. Sixth Impression 1981. Longman publishers. Condition: thumb pages - Pencil ownership frontispiece and final blank pages – label mark inside cover removed. Sun bleached spine of dust jacket and small repaired tear top of spine.


Printed and bound in Great Britain by William Clowes.

ISBN 0 582 48471 5

913 Pages

Picture dj. The front depiction of the opening of Tower Bridge.


G. M. Trevelyan’s brilliant one-volume survey is still the best known work of its kind.


For this illustrated edition Lord Briggs has provided an introduction pointing out how the light of history has qualified or endorsed Trevelyan’s findings. Writing of it strength he says, “The qualities of the History are immediately apparent – largeness of view, freshness of expression, compression of judgement, fluency of narrative and above all, evocative power in descriptions of events and of places as much as of people. The combination was and remains unique.”


Selected from numerous sources, the illustrations are fully integrated with the text and make an important contribution to this edition…

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