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AA Treasures of Britain NEW EDITION 1977


AA Treasures of Britain NEW EDITION 1977


Now in its third edition, this famous – and highly successful – grand tour of Britain’s heritage has been completely updated, with revised maps and many new entries on treasures only recently opened o the public…




Collins Publishers

Published by Drive Publications Limited, for the Automobile Association

First Edition 1968

Third Edition 1976 First Revise 1977

Printed in Great Britain

Pages 680

Dimensions 28.5 x 17.5 x 4.5 cm


The end papers show details from the border of the Bradford Table Cover, made in England in the 16th century and now exhibited at the Victoria and Albert Museum.


CONTENTS: A Grand Tour of Our Most Treasured Possessions

Treasures in their time

Gazetteer of the treasures of Britain

Famous people

Map section

Gazetteer of the treasures of Ireland

Collections index

1000 Years of design

The language of experts


Condition: previously owned and presume used for reference. Covered with clear plastic a little tired around the edges – shelf knocked but complete and useful reference book.


A traveller’s guide to the riches of Britain and Ireland. Over 700 colour photographs 200 drawings 40 pages of maps. Weight: 1.65 kg Hardback book.

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