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THE DOMESDAY BOOK England’s Heritage, Then and Now THOMAS HINDE 1985


THE DOMESDAY BOOK England’s Heritage, Then and Now THOMAS HINDE 1985


As Document Number One in the Public Record Office, Domesday Book is still cited regularly as evidence of local charters and land grants. Yet few people know how the survey began at William the Conqueror’s Christmas Court of 1085, or why it was so important.


37 County Sections A-Z 150 selected places; maps of Domesday settlements; colour and black-and-white illustrations and line drawings throughout; county gazetteers with over 12,500 entries listed alphabetically under their modern names for immediate reference


Publishers: HUTCHINSON In Association with English Tourist Board

First Published in 1985


Pages 351


Dimensions: 12” x 9 ½” x 1 ¼”


Heavy book 1.8 kg


Condition: very reasonable – slight wear where shelf bumped on the top and bottom spine and book edges. Strengthened to prevent further tear.

Hardback book with dj. Editor: Thomas Hinde – ISBN 0-09=161830-4 BAR CODE 9780091618308. Domesday Book, a fundamental part of the English heritage, is unique in record of a complete country, landholder by landholder, manor by manor, and it draws scholars and historians from all over the world to the Public Record Office in London where the original manuscript is kept. … Weight: 1.8 kg


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