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MONTAILLOU Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie 1980


MONTAILLOU Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie 1980

Social History


‘Just occasionally history books themselves make history. This is the case with Montaillou’ – Economist.


‘A fascinating sociologist study of medieval life. But it is also far more. It is a Chaucerian gallery of vivid medieval persons. No wonder it has been a best-seller in France’ – Hugh Trevor-Roper in the Sunday Times.


The cover shows a roundel depicting heretics embracing the faithful, from a Bible Moralisee in the Bodleian Library, Oxford


Penguin Books

MONTAILLOU Cathars and Catholics in a French village 1294-1324

Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie



First Published in 1978

Published in Penguin Books 1980 Reprinted 1980 (twice)

Penguin Paperback book without dj. THE WORLD-FAMOUS PORTRAIT OF LIFE IN A MEDIEVAL VILLAGE ‘A classic adventure in eavesdropping across time’ – Michael Ratcliffe in The Times.

381 pages

Dimensions: 12.5 x 20 cm

Condition: browned pages, creasing evident on front cover with water marks, inside cover black stamped address of previous owner has now been covered by sellers’ label. Otherwise tight complete copy.


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