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THE POEMS OF CATULLUS Folio Society 1981


THE POEMS OF CATULLUS Folio Society 1981


First published in Great Britain by Rupert Hart-Davis Limited 1969

Granada Publishing Limited 1972

Introduction The Folio Society Limited 1981


Set in 11 Didot Walbaum leaded 2 points with initials specially drawn by Michael Harvey from a model by the 16th century Italian master Tagliente and printed by Clark Constable Ltd, Edinburgh on special cream printing paper. Bound by Clark Constable Ltd using Cabra art leather and Winter Pennine cloth sides.


Printed in Great Britain

Translated by James Michie – Introduction by Gavin Ewart. Hardback two tone green book with gilt print on spine without slip case.




Translator’s Note


The Poems




Pages 224

Dimensions: 22 x 14.5 x 1.5 cm

Condition as good as new.


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