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The Greatest Exploration of English Ever Undertaken

Oxford – the world leader in authenticating new words and describing language – has developed the most rigorous research programme in operation anywhere in the world today.

The Oxford World Reading Programme – The Oxford Special Subject Advisers – The Oxford Bank of New Words – The British National Corpus – OWLS The Oxford Word & Language Service

The richest choice of words

The Oxford Thesaurus is unique in its practical combination of features, with a rich choice of more than half a million alternative words, a twin-access system for locating words, and example sentences to illustrate every entry…

The Oxford Thesaurus SECOND EDITION Laurence Urdang

Clarendon Press Oxford 1997

First Edition 1991

Second Edition 1997

ISBN 0-19-860005-4

Printed in Spain

Weight 2 kg unpacked

Hardback book with dj.

Condition: shelf knocked and tiny tear in spine of dj. Bumped corners.

Dimensions: 27 x 20 x 6.5 cm

In A-Z form * Twin-access system to take you to the word you want * Most useful words first – More than half a million alternative words – The World’s Most Trusted Dictionaries.

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