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THE ROUND ART A. T. Mann 1979



'The Round Art is a definitive textbook of astrology which correlates this ancient science and art to modern psychology and physics. It is intended to reach those who have not previous knowledge of astrology, as well as those who know and practice the art. Astrology is the round art of wholeness which links the personal, internal world of the psyche with the collective, external world of events and physical phenomena. It is not an isolated 'occult' practice, but rather a universal system of correspondences - the common property of all men.’…

Edited by Donald Lehmkuhl and Mary Fanagan

PAPER TIGER A Dragon’s World Limited Imprint

ISBN HARDBACK 0 905895 19 3

THE ASTROLOGY OF TIME AND SPACE – No dj - Blue paper hardback book with gold title lettering on spine and diagram on front cover. Condition: tired cover (please see photographs) inside cover previous seller pencil price. Otherwise good sound copy.

Designs and Illustrations

Printed in Spain

Pages 299

Dimensions: 28 x 24.5 x 2 cm

Weight: 1.3 kg

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