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THE FAMILY OF WOMAN Jerry Mason 1983


THE FAMILY OF WOMAN Jerry Mason 1983

A Ridge Press Book – A Perigee Book – Editor and Publisher Jerry Mason – Art Director Albert Squillace – Project Editor Julia Scully – Quotations Edited by Sylvia Cole.

ISBN 0-399050966-6

First perigee printing 1983


The Family of Woman – in the spirit of The Family of Man and The Family of Children. From the world’s photographers, a piercing look at the changing and the unchanging, at universal woman and her progress through life. The Family of Woman looks at work, at activism, at play, at sexual exploitation, at grief and death, at love. It looks at how women feel and act with lovers, friends, parents, husbands, children. Women’s lives and the quality of womanhood: The Family of Woman illumines the changes that are occurring with the great calm center of what continues unchanged.


Dimensions 27.5 x 21.5 x 1 cm

Condition: previously owned, minor marks and creasing on outside cover internally sound.

Weight: 700g


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