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5 CORONATION Supplements from Different Newspapers 1937


5 CORONATION Supplements from different newspapers 1937


Sold by date and publisher rather than condition. Condition: all commensurate with age with spotting and previously owned and read. Please expect marks and possible completed crosswords, where applicable. These are all very old and not copies of original. May also be missing pages but this will be identified within listings.



16) Selection of 5 CORONATION Supplements from different newspapers –

a) DAILY TELEGRAPH May 11, 1937 Supplement No. 1

b) EVENING STANDARD London Wednesday May 12, 1937 Complete Coronation Edition – Eleven Pages of Pictures. 32 page supplement.

c) THE METHODIST RECORDER Coronation Supplement May 12 1937. Their majesties King George VI and Queen Elizabeth – Crowning at Westminster May 12th 1937. 8 page supplement.

d) DAILY TELEGRAPH Coronation Picture Supplement. Supplement No. 3. May 13, 1937. 24 pages complete.

e) DAILY TELEGRAPH Coronation Naval Review Supplement. May 21 1937. 16 pages complete


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