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BOOK OF BRITISH BIRDS Reader’s Digest 1969


BOOK OF BRITISH BIRDS Reader’s Digest 1969

For most people, an interest in birds begins with identification – with the pleasure to be had from being able to put the right name to a bird, whether studies at leisure in a town park or glimpsed fleetingly on a drive through the country. The following pages are a comprehensive guide to all the species regularly seen in Britain. Familiarity with them will make recognition quick and easy…

Plastic covered hard back book.

Colour pictures with great detail. A truly great addition to any library.

Pages 471


Land Of Birds – Naming The Birds – The British Birds – The Conquest Of Air Land And Sea – Bird Society – Birds And Man – Where To See Birds – Counting And Listing The Birds – INDEX.

First Edition 1969

Edited and Designed by Drive Publications Limited

The Portrait of a Tawny Owl on the cover was painted by Raymond Harris Ching

Dimensions: 29 x 17.5 x 4 cm

Weight: 1.405 kg


Condition: very good sound copy.



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