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Questions & Answers

  1. Do you have a High Street shop or premises that can be visited? 
  2. No only selling online at DCB Antiques and DCB Books; all items once logged and listed are put away for safety and packed ready to post.
  3. Do you accept multiple purchases? 
  4. Yes - postage costs will be altered to take the additional size and weight into account as dictated by service used. Just let me know the items you are considering and where you would like them to be sent.
  5. 3 How quick can we expect delivery of our purchased items? 
  6. Once payment has been received your item will be shipped out by First Class unless cost prohibits this service otherwise by Courier but please accept that once your item is on route the Courier or Royal Mail dictate the time taken in delivery.
  7. Can I see the items prior to purchasing? 
  8. With an appointment and time given yes indeed. Please allow for the items to be located and unpacked ready for inspection.
  9. 5 If I see an item that I believe to be over priced; can I make an offer? 
  10. Yes, all sensible offers are considered but I believe you will find that all items are very reasonably priced.
  11. Do you accept alternative methods of payment? 
  12. Yes, please contact me with details of how you would like to pay. I do not accept cash, cheques, postal orders through the post unless pre-agreed.
  13. Are there any additional charges imposed on alternative payment methods? 
  14. No once the price of the item and shipping costs have been agreed then there are no hidden additional charges. 
  15. If paying by cheque how long will I have to wait before receipt of my purchases? 
  16. Please allow 3 days for the cheque to clear before your items are dispatched.
  17. Can my purchase be gift wrapped and posted direct to the recipient? 
  18. All purchases, within reason are gift wrapped, so it is a delight to be in the knowledge that it will be a nice gift to be received. Just notify me of the name and address of the recipient so that an invoice is not included within the parcel.
  19. 10 How are postal charges on items gauged? 
  20. Most services use size and weights to dictate costs of postage and shipping. I want your items to arrive safely so additional packaging is invariably used meaning that items are more expensive to send through weight and size but this consideration has been made when giving postage costs within listings. If postage charges at the time of sale are too expensive then a refund will be given via the same payment method as used by the Buyer
  21. 11 Are there alternative methods of shipping used to save on costs? 
  22. No, I am sorry, I have already chosen the least expensive mode of shipping. 
  23. 12  Alternatively, can I add insurance and/or additional cost for next day delivery? 
  24. Yes but please confirm with Alison first of all to arrange additional costs and confirm service to be used.
  25. 13 If I am looking for a specific book, which is not listed in your shop can you source on our behalf? 
  26. With enough details on the required items; Yes, to the best of my ability. 
  27. 14  Are valuations FREE for a number of items or just for one? 
  28. All valuations, regardless of quantity are free, with no obligation to sell through DCB Antiques or DCB Books.